Litigation Services

Kaiser & Bonds offers vast experience in the following Family Law areas with its best Litigation Support:

  • ​Divorce proceedings
  • Expert Witness Testimony
  • Community and separate property disputes
  • Tax planning
  • Alimony and child support
  • Property division
  • Issues related to income available for support (aka cash flow)

Nothing is more important to us than understanding each client’s unique needs and background, and partnering with them to create financial peace of mind and understanding, whatever that might look like for each individual or business.

​You deserve to feel heard, cared for, and like you have a partner who is invested in helping you understand and navigate a complicated world. Kaiser & Bonds is here to be that trusted partner.

Kaiser & Bonds has the skill, experience, and expertise to assist in several aspects of accounting analysis, including the following:

  • Contract costs and claims
  • Tracing and verification
  • Historical analysis
  • Forensic and investigative review

We provide tax services aimed at supporting marital and business dissolution litigation, specifically, property division and reimbursement analysis, tracing of accounts, apportionment of assets, and spousal & child support.

We also assist business valuation specialists with tiered partnership structures and other complex business organizations​.

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